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jinkyo on Dreamwidth - This is my proper blog. It's mostly about fanstuff I'm working on and my feelings day to day.

JinkyO on AO3 This is where I post fic, vids, and podfic. My current catalog is heavily Person of Interest.

SuperJinkyO on Twitter I'm most active here as a reader. I do a touch too much political/current affairs reading and "hearting" though.

superjinkyo on tumblr - I'm fairly active there at the moment reblogging Pros gifs, pretty pictures for some of my more obscure fandoms like The Kinks, League of Gentlemen, AfroPunk, 2001: A Space Odessey, and just random stuff. Sometimes I make screencaps and dodgy fanart for my tumblr.

jinkyo on LiveJournal - I haven't used LJ actively in over a decade. This one is very barebones and is primarily to connect to the vibrant Pros community there.
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Doyle and Bodie

New Vid: This Is Not A Love Song | The Professionals

The Professionals
Escapade 31 Premiere
Warnings: Guns, blood
Music: "This Is Not A Love Song" audio edit, Public Image Ltd.
DW vid write-up because I don't know how to copy/paste the HTML to LJ :(
Doyle and Bodie

'Private Madness, Public Danger' - Doyle Curls

Starting a new project - gifs of some of my favorite Doyle and Bodie haircuts. It’s been a while since I made gifs so there will be a slow rollout on this project but, here is Look 1 - short Doyle curls!

While there is a longer, bigger curl look that I love the best, I am very much a fan of the baby curls here. His hair looks well moisturized, the shape of the cut is nice, and the curls are begging for hands to run through them. Unfortunately, in this episode, Doyle has to supply his own hand, but it’s still a very fetching look.