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'Old Dogs With New Tricks' - Bodie Haircut -SOLVED!

I started this gif series to try to figure out Bodie’s haircut/hairstyle and as an excuse to rewatch the episodes closely. Well, in this episode I solve Bodie’s haircut!


Before we begin, here’s a reference screen cap for the back of this hairstyle - also may be of interest for fans who like the gun holsters:


I’ll get into Doyle’s lovely short curls in a bit. First, let’s start with Bodie’s hair.

The cut is short in the front and long on the sides and back. I shorthand called this a mullet once I figured it out but figured there was probably a more accurate name, especially since the sides are so long, longer than a typical mullet. I went to Google: “short on top long in the back haircut”.

Google promptly returned images of the exact opposite of what I was looking for, shots and shots of the usual “long on top, short on the sides and back” cut. Hmm... this will take some digging. Eventually I landed on some hair and fashion sites for the 1970s. This decade was an adventurous time for hairstyles.


So, take a look at the bottom row. The first 2 photos are variations of the Shag haircut. I have deduced that Bodie has yet another variation of this cut, like a Cropped Shag.

*shrugs* it was 1978 - everything goes.

See how the top is cropped soooo short from the crown to fringe. Sides and back are actual locks of hair.



Locks that are long enough to fall past his collar! Compare to Cowley’s neat haircut (and Cowley’s natty outfit and hat! Cowley always dresses so nicely!)


You can see some of the layers better in this gif.

So that’s it! this haircut and style have been solved. This is not my favorite Bodie hairstyle, the sides and back are too much, too full. The whole of it looks unbalanced and doesn’t complement his beautiful face as well as some of his other hairstyles.

Stick with me, we’ll eventually get to some of those better hairstyles (*better* to my aesthetic - you’re mileage may vary).


I wanted to show off the shape of Doyle’s haircut here. It’s so neat and trim and well balanced. *swoons* Short Doyle curls are one of my favorites! Look how neat it is at the nape of his neck!


OMG - LOOK at how well it shapes his head!!

Sometimes the fringe/bangs of this short cut are too straight and look derpy, but when the hair is fluffed just right - my goodness! (I mentioned last post that there is a longer Doyle hairstyle that I love just as much - we’ll get there. We’ll also go through some of the haircuts that are just....not)

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