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Long Shot - Action Gifs!

The hairstyles haven’t changed much since ‘Old Dog with New Tricks’ so today’s gif collection is a bit random. Starting with the track suits!

And more running!

Then some stealthy! I hate this shirt on Bodie. I’m pretty sure it’s the same shirt from the opening scene of ‘Weekend in the Country”. Yes, he’s got a belly here, but the shirt and maybe the belting of the trousers? It’s all belted too high? Not a fan.
I’m also not a fan of Doyle’s drab outfit. His hair looks lovely! But both of them spend most of the episode in these sad, drab clothes :(

Much better - thank you, Mr. Cowley! Now, if only we could get the lads in towels. For science.

It’s still too long in the back!

Well. The trousers are still drab but at least they allow for good movement. This is very important for an action man!

I do adore all the action in this episode but I don’t rewatch it often because of that whole sequence with the rodent on the fence/rodent on Cowley’s desk. I don’t like that one bit!

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