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Hello World

JinkyO, fannish girl.

On the web at:
jinkyo on Dreamwidth - This is my proper blog. It's mostly about fanstuff I'm working on and my feelings day to day.

JinkyO on AO3 This is where I post fic, vids, and podfic. My current catalog is heavily Person of Interest.

SuperJinkyO on Twitter I'm most active here as a reader. I do a touch too much political/current affairs reading and "hearting" though.

superjinkyo on tumblr - I'm fairly active there at the moment reblogging Pros gifs, pretty pictures for some of my more obscure fandoms like The Kinks, League of Gentlemen, AfroPunk, 2001: A Space Odessey, and just random stuff. Sometimes I make screencaps and dodgy fanart for my tumblr.

jinkyo on LiveJournal - I haven't used LJ actively in over a decade. This one is very barebones and is primarily to connect to the vibrant Pros community there.
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